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Creative Sanity

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

I have always needed creativity in my life. It keeps me balanced and sane.

For as long as I can recall I creativity has been my outlet. As a young child I would collect shells on Florida trips. Then trying not to hot glue my fingers together carefully fasten googly eyes and gems to their varied shapes. My Shell creatures quickly become my trademark as I would gift them to family and friends. To this day my ever so supportive Dad still displays and believes my shell creatures were the "coolest" creations ever. I however have thankfully evolved as an artist.

As a Pre-teen I loved Beading and Embroidery and making fancy friendship bracelets with my friends. I would hook my safety pin to cushions, the fabric in the back of the car, or my jeans caring little about the possible damage I may be causing. I was focused in creative mode. My plastic embroidery organizer so carefully sorted by colours was a piece of art in itself and I loved just staring at all the possible combinations. I kept it close.

I collaged basically everything I loved. Glue stick and scissors in hand I would comb through TEEN, YM, TIGER BEAT or any teeny Bopper magazine. My bedroom walls, school locker and Planner would be an array of statement words and flashy images. My self-identity was expressed and evolved through this style.

I tried my hand at a Cross Stitching and Knitting, inspired by my mom and Grandma. But while I loved the process and the needle work my projects often went unfinished or tapered off. Inspiration would pull and distract me and I would move onto something else. It was not always about the final product but how I felt in the creative stage.

I joined the Scrapbooking movement much like every other woman. Obsessed with pretty paper and decorative bits I documented my High School Years, University coupled with a vacation and boyfriend here and there. Recording memories was huge for me and being able to engage with the books made them tangible.

My creative pursuits were mine. They were inspired by something within and no matter what was happening in my external world I could seek refuge and release in them.

When my parent's divorced at 12 my creativity was my constant. I unknowingly turned to it and its many mediums to help process and channel my difficult feelings. I found relief in music and my unique mixes as well as my own narrative as conveyed by my diary writings.

Through many a heartbreak or loss I have looked to my creativity to cope.

Without it I could not fully be.

As a Mother and Certified Counsellor only now do I fully understand and promote the therapeutic benefit of Art in Therapy. It grounds me when my world gets too crazy and I need to escape.

Creative Wellness Ottawa provides that healthy escape allowing the client to reconnect with their self in a supportive and creative group setting.

Focused on promoting balance and Self-Care through learning helpful mindfulness tools, connecting with similar others, and creating an Art/Craft inspired piece self-care for your whole self is encouraged.

I have realized that making the time for my creativity is not optional. It keeps my balanced and whole and present. It makes me a better Mom and partner.

Creative sanity is real. Without it I am not.

Join me in Creative Self-Care Workshops- connecting with the bigger picture, your core self, and some creative fun. I look forward to helping you make time and care for your whole self.

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