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Life is a constant flow of ups and downs. Our relationships ebb and flow as the seasons change. We face personal challenges, loss, grief and cope as best we can.

However sometimes the load is too much.


Sometimes we are not okay. Sometimes we don't want to talk about how we are feeling with those closest to us even though we know they care.  Sometimes we don't know how to. Sometimes we just need someone to really listen without judgement. 

It's okay to not be okay. Holding it in and pretending you are fine is not. 

Taking time to address your issues, however big or small, is important. 

As a Certified Counsellor my goal is to help  you lighten the load.  To help you work through and process whatever you are facing. To help you find your healthy balance. 


I provide a safe and non-judge-mental space to help you explore and release your feelings. To help you better manage your current challenge and help you explore and locate healthy coping tools. 

Whatever you are facing I am here to support you. 

- Anxiety                              - Work/Life Balance           - Life Transitions

- Depression                       - Relationship Issues         - Stress Management

- Grief/Loss                         - Parenting Burnout              

- Miscarriage                       - Existential Crisis 

- Postpartum                      - Parenting Issues 

Helping you create and maintain your healthy balance.


Individual Counselling  


$90 Session (HOUR)

**Sliding fee available for those without insurance**


Because Your Wellness Matters

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