About Creative Wellness Ottawa

Life is busy. For many people managing multiple demands and responsibilities- family, career, home, extracurricular activities, etc- is part of the daily routine.

Trying to keep yourself balanced and healthy is not always easy and often gets pushed aside when trying to meet all the other needs. As a result self-care and wellness can suffer and illness may result (Depression, Anxiety etc).

As a Mom of two young kids, and a certified Counsellor (CCPA), I understand these challenges and know that making time for healthy self-care is sometimes impossible. We only have so much energy and time. However, I also know that your wellness and self-care deserves as much attention and importance as the other roles.

If your not okay. They are not okay and everything else suffers. Your wellness is a priority and you deserve to make it one.

CREATIVE WELLNESS OTTAWA offers a variety of specially developed and focused Self-Care Workshops. These Workshops use the therapeutic act of creating various forms of art, craft, and narrative expression to help clients:

  1. Connect and share together.

  2. Learn informative Mindfulness skills for healthy coping. 

  3. Explore self and wellness routine. 

  4. Create and express themselves through a variety of creative means. 



Learn helpful Mindfulness Tools 

Reflect through Journaling

Connect & Share

Create Meaningfully

Reconnect with You


Workshops are held at a beautiful Healing Lodge just outside of Manotick. 

Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge

1351 D'Arcy Street

Greely, ON

K4P 1A6

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Tel: 613-282-5796

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